What employers need to know

TraceBack Screening provides a simple and thorough process for employers to conduct background checks. It is important that background checks be performed consistently and that the information is gathered accurately. Providing truthful information through our continually expanding product line ensures employers are able to retrieve the information necessary to make vital hiring decisions.

Statistics Don't Lie:

According to a study by The Society for Human Resource Managers

-Employers using computerized background systems found that:

  • 18% of applicants had a criminal record;
  • 29% falsified or exaggerated education claims;
  • 19% showed errors in dates of employment;
  • 7% never worked for that employer;
  • 14% of employers checked reported that they would not re-hire that individual.

Benefits of Incorporating Traceback screening:

  • We establish that the character of the candidate matches the talent
  • We reduce employee turnover rates
  • We minimize the possibility of theft or corporate espionage
  • We demonstrate proper due diligence

Fair Credit reporting act:

Background screenings on potential new hires are performed to reduce financial loss, legal liabilities, and turnover rates, as well as to increase workplace safety and productivity. Background screens are usually performed by outside agencies, such as TraceBack Screening. These outside agencies are known as Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA). A federal law, known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), was established to protect both the consumer and the consumer reporting agency in the matter of the information reported in the background screen. The hiring company and the CRA must both comply to certain requirements set forth in the FCRA. Non-compliance with these requirements may result in legal action taken against parties involved. TraceBack Screening provides all the necessary required forms to simplify your background screening processes.

Before you engage the services of TraceBack Screening, please review the content of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the laws for your state and locality as they may differ from federal law. The laws and ordinances of your state may affect your ability to utilize our services.