Privacy Policy

TraceBack Screening, Inc. is a Consumer Reporting Agency which follows and adheres to the specified guidelines written in the Federal Trade Commission Act’s Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regarding the retrieval, dissemination and destruction of clients’ personal information. Information specific to clients, employees, or subjects from any source and in any form from the retrieval of background checks, fingerprinting, drug screening, or any other service that TraceBack Screening, Inc. performs is strictly confidential. In addition, any information entered into our online portal is safeguarded through a secure, offsite server. Background check requests will only be conducted after a consent form is completed by the applicant for whom the request is being performed. TraceBack Screening, Inc. does not distribute, sell, share, loan or giveaway customer lists or personal information to any entities other than the requesting party or within the terms of the FCRA. The storage and destruction of any and all confidential information is done so in adherence to FCRA standards.  All employees must sign and adhere to TraceBack Screening, Inc.’s confidentiality agreement, pass a background check and complete training regarding the handling, distribution and destruction of confidential information.

Any BCI / FBI fingerprint is accompanied at the time of printing with TraceBack Screening, Inc.’s official release form with a valid signature and form of identification and will be retained for a period of at least 1 (one) year, after which the documents will be properly destroyed.

For questions or concerns regarding TraceBack Screening, Inc.’s Privacy Policy email us at or call (440) 510-0330.