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Thinking about dropping marijuana from your drug testing?

Last week, Ohio cast their ballots on Issue 3 - legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use.   With an overwhelming force, Ohioans took down the law specifying legal use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana within our state borders.  From a business standpoint, this is a great relief. 

In the narrated article by Tom Pool, C-SAPA Executive at, (link here) he highlights the main reasons why employers should maintain drug-free workplaces, even if the legalization law were to pass.  Some key points:

           Marijuana is still and will remain illegal under federal law

           Employers have a legal duty to protect their employees – OSHA General Duty clause

Employees who test positive for marijuana have 55% more industrial accidents, 85% more injuries, and have 75% higher absenteeism rates than those who test negative

Marijuana-related highway motor vehicle accidents increased 100% in Colorado between 2007 and 2012 since the drug had been made legal

By not having drug-free policies in place, employers have increased workers compensation claims and insurance, higher health insurance premiums, and increased liability


Require background checks for people working with youth sports groups | eLetters — The Denver Post

While it may seem like it's moving at a snail's pace, summer is fast approaching, and with that, opportunities to get out and volunteer in the warm weather. T-Ball coaches, camp counselors, summer tutors, carnival and festival helpers are all ways to show dedication to an organization or the community, however they also provide opportunity for danger. Many organizations do not require background checks on their volunteers. Who would pay for them? They’re not employees – what are the requirements to “hire” them?

There are only a handful of states that require background checks for volunteers. The city of Denver is currently seeking to implement this, too (link below.) Knowing who is in contact with your children and elderly family and friends is important. TraceBack Screening offers a variety of options to screen volunteers for any organization. Contact a representative today for more information on how to keep your community safe.