Vacation pot-smokers should beware back home - News - - Hyannis, MA

"...what happens in Colorado and Washington doesn't necessarily stay in Colorado and Washington."

It's true.  The "fun" you had on vacation in Colorado could come back to haunt you.  Despite being legalized in Colorado and Washington, and approved for recreational use in Oregon and Alaska, marijuana use is still not legal in 46 states.  (Marijuana for medical use is a whole different story.)  Should you be subject to a drug test as required by your employer, you could be finding yourself with a whole lot more unintended free time on your hands.  What people fail to understand is that they are not protected by a particular state's law when they return home.  Just because smoking or eating marijuana is okay after a long day on the Colorado slopes does not make it legal in Ohio when you test positive two weeks later.  And there are no laws to protect you as the "consumer" from being terminated from your job should that happen.  Is it fair?  No.  But as momma always said, "life isn't fair."  Enjoy responsibly. 

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