Arizona hotels to be required to screen employees?

If you're like some, you may frequent the same hotels on a regular schedule.  Personally, I know a few business men and women who stay at the same hotel 1-2 nights on a quarterly basis.  Even if you're not a regular overnight guest, how comfortable are you now knowing the maintenance workers, housekeeping staff, and even front-desk clerks may be criminals? They have your information, know your schedule, and have access to your room and valuables. 

Does it bother anyone else that hotel employees aren't required to be background checked, let alone confirm they are not registered sex offenders?   Kudos to the management companies that already make employment screening  mandatory on their own accord.  State legislation shouldn't be the only reason you are concerned for the safety of hotel staff and patrons, but if it lights the fire that will spread this good practice, so be it.  High-five, Arizona - Senate Bill 1432 most certainly demonstrates "common-sense legislation."

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